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Ajutor:How can I express that something is a part of something else?

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question:=How can I express that something is a part of something else?
description:=Click "Has part" in the "Properties" tool box.

The wiki provides two types of part-of relations. These are has part and has basic structural unit.


You are editing and arbitrary article.


You want to express that the instance or category you are describing in the article is a part of something else.


Mark the object that is part of the current object (article). For instance, if you are editing the article about a car, mark the word engine.

In the semantic toolbar click "Has part" in the section "Properties". The form states that a car can contain an engine.

An engine is part of a car.

Select "has part" as the type of part. Optionally you can enter a different representation for engine in the rendered text. Click the link "Add" and the selected car in the wiki text is replaced by the annotation [[has part::engine]]. The new property appears in the list of properties in the semantic toolbar as well.