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Ajutor:How should I annotate the essence of an article?

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question:=How should I annotate the essence of an article?
description:=Employ the "description" property.


You are editing an arbitrary article.


You want to annotate the essence of the current article.


Marks the text that describes the article's essence.

The marked essence of an article.

In the semantic toolbar press "Annotate" in the Properties section.

Starting the annotation in the Properties section

The formerly selected text is set as value ("Page:") of the property. Enter "description" as name of the property. The system retrieves the type of this property and replaces the label "Page:" by "String". Then press "Add".

The description's annotation.

The new annotation appears in the list of properties.

The list of properties contains the annotation.

The marked text is annotated.

The annotated wiki text.

Saves the article. Looking at the fact box, the property "description" might be undefined. This happens only for the very first time in a wiki, as "description" is a completely normal property.

Description is an unknown property.

If this happens, set the type of "description" to string in the selection box to the right. The page will be reloaded with the correct annotation.

The description is displayed in the Fact box.

In effect, the article has been annotated with the normal property "description". But some parts of the wiki and the reasoning system can provide further features when they find it.